Anya SapozhnikovaAnya Sapozhnikova fell head over heals in love with aerial acrobatics after taking her second silks class, in Brooklyn.  Since embracing this art form eight years ago, she has studied every traditional aerial apparatus and has invented some of her own. From  2008-2013, Anya co-founded and was the artistic director of House of Yes Theater and its aerial facility Sky Box in East Williamsburg. She has produced, directed and starred in countless circus and theater productions. When not teaching here, she can be found  dangling from the ceilings of New York’s finest establishments, underground parties and cabaret venues.  Anya has always felt that mastering the ability to fly is one of the best ways to make an impact as a physical performer.


Teaching style:

Anya’s teaching style focuses on not just acquiring good technique but understanding its efficiency. You will learn everything from basic building blocks of aerial silks, to stunning,  yet beginner-friendly tricks. Each class finishes out with conditioning that will transform you into a total superhero. Coming from a background of gymnastics and ballet, she will also make sure your toes are pointed, your extensions are gorgeous, and you’re not slacking. But don’t worry, her drill sergeant ways come with a delightful sense of humor and incredible taste in music, so you’re guaranteed to be laughing throughout  the most grueling workout you’ve ever had.