Juanita Cardenas

photo: Barbara Gentile

Upon receiving a BFA from The Cooper Union, Juanita Cardenas moved to Buenos Aires where she fell in love with the circus. She started out as the most beginner of students, pull ups, inversions and all other strength and endurance based moves seemed impossible. Lucky for her, the love and patience of her aerial instructors taught her that virtue is achieved not just through natural talent but mostly through hard work, patience and perseverance. Aerial arts are generous in that what you give to them in effort they return in the satisfaction of reaching further that you ever thought possible. Her current artistic practice consist of conceiving acts, performing them and through a constant search for discipline.

Trapeze class will be focused on a regular warm up based active stretching, core conditioning and strength building followed by leaning of new vocabulary adding expressive qualities to movement. Students are expected to give of themselves and to grow through facing fears and accepting new challenges. Everyone is welcome because everybody has the ability to learn.